Job Seekers
Si vous êtes porteur du virus du sida et souhaitez recevoir des services d’aide à l’emploi, nous pouvons vous mettre en contact avec notre partenaire Collège Boréal.

Afin de faciliter votre mise en relation avec notre partenaire Collège Boréal et de mieux vous accompagner tout au long de votre recherche n’hésitez pas à nous adresser un courriel à l’adresse ou à nous contacter par téléphone au 416-623-1782 poste *8267

About Us

Thanks to new medical interventions and holistic care, people are living longer with HIV/AIDS than ever before. While antiretroviral medications don’t work for everyone, many people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) report improved day-to-day health and fewer periods of disability. As their prospects for long-term health improve, many are eager to maintain employment, enter or return to the workforce.

This is where Employment ACTion comes in. Dedicated to providing employment solutions to PHAs, Employment ACTion is the first not-for-profit service* of its kind in Canada. Developed in 1999, this program works with men, women, youth, and newcomers to Canada who are HIV-positive and seeking employment, reemployment or self-employment.

Employment ACTion is a client driven program and is designed to foster independence and self-empowerment for PHA's.

Employment ACTion helps PHAs to:

  • develop realistic career goals
  • determine how returning to work will affect your benefits
  • access supports for job accommodation and
  • secure and maintain employment.

If you’re HIV-positive and looking for work, Employment ACTion is here for you! Visit the various pages on this site to find out how we can help, or contact us.

* Employment ACTion is a program of ACT and is funded by the the Ontario Disability Support Program, ACT and other institutional and private donors.