Job Seekers

Career Planning and Assessments

Are you looking for work or wondering if it is the right time to re-enter or stay in the workplace?

When you contact Employment Action we will meet with you confidentially one on one, and review your situation and advise you on the services and supports we offer.

Our experienced career counsellors can discuss HIV-related concerns with you, review your work history and help you identify barriers and disclosure issues, such as gaps in work history. Your counsellor will then support you in establishing a step-by-step action plan.

Employment Action receives funding from many sources, including Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Employment Supports. You do not always have to be in receipt of ODSP income support to be eligible for assistance through ODSP Employment Supports, and you may be able to access additional services to help you find and keep a job. For example, if you are currently working and your current position is impacting your health, or you want to work but are concerned how potential earnings may impact your health benefits, our career counsellors will provide information and support that are applicable to your personal situation.

Not sure what career is right for you?

Our career counsellors are trained in assessments to assist you in discovering what employment goal is best fitted to you.

Concerned about the impact of your earnings on your health benefits?

A knowledgeable career counsellor can advise you on maintaining income benefits after you return to work, including how to maintain drug coverage even if you are earning income supports and how to re-apply for rapid reinstatement of benefits if necessary.