Job Seekers

Cover Letters

In addition to resumes, cover letters are of great significance. The cover letter is your introduction to the employer. It allows you to get more personal with the employer and is the closest you can get to building rapport without meeting the person. It is a critical component in getting you in for an interview. It should summarize who you are and what you want. The cover letter displays your writing skills, highlights your professional approach, communicates motivation and demonstrates your research on the employer and/or field. It can also illustrate your awareness of those skills or training that are relevant to effective job performance. As with the resume, cover letters should be typed on standard paper and be carefully proofread. They should be brief, energetic and interesting. A polished cover letter answers the following questions concisely and instantaneously:

  • Why are you writing to me and why should I consider your candidacy?
  • What qualifications or values do you have that I could benefit from?
  • What are your professional goals and how does that tie into what I have to offer?

Skeleton of a Cover Letter (Download)