Job Seekers

Rights and Responsibilities


  1. The employment counsellor will assist you to the best of their abilities, regardless of your race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, stage/station of gender transition, health status, physical or mental ability.
  2. The employment counsellor will explain the details of ODSP Employment Supports and help you to fill out related paperwork. The counsellor will also explain any/all employment services that relate to your current income funding, including long-term disability, employment insurance, and Ontario Works.
  3. The employment counsellor will do whatever is possible to match you with the best employment plan for your needs.
  4. The employment counsellor will help you obtain a great resume and helpful interview techniques.
  5. The employment counsellor will support your decisions and help guide you through your return to work process.
  6. The employment counsellor will keep appointments and will cancel with adequate notice whenever possible, and return phone calls within two working days, barring unexpected circumstances.
  7. Resources of the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) are accessible for information and support.


  1. To follow the employment steps, outlined in your employment plan, to the best of your abilities, and to take responsibility for your own career goals.
  2. To complete each step within the time agreed upon by you and your counsellor, understanding that circumstances arise and dates can be changed if necessary.
  3. To notify your employment counselor as soon as possible if any changes occur in your situation that make it difficult to continue your relationship with Employment Action.
  4. To keep appointments and arrive on time with any member or volunteer of the Employment Action program and to cancel/re-schedule in advance whenever possible.
  5. To tell your employment counsellor if you are unhappy with any or all aspects of your working relationship and be willing to meet and attempt to resolve conflicts.
  6. To provide notification of change of address, phone or e-mail details so he/she can contact you.