Job Seekers

Conducting Your Own Job Search

Now that you have a clear job goal and all your marketing tools (resumes, cover letters, and interviews) prepared, you are ready to begin your job search. Job searching is more than using the tools that you have prepared. It involves a change in attitude and expectations. It involves the 3 D's: Drive, Determination and Dedication. This is the time when a lot of people experience a sudden decrease in motivation and a gradual increase in self doubt. Each day takes it toll and the goal seems further and further. The employment consultants at Employment Action can assist you in getting out of the job search rut and help you to plan a tailored strategy that plays to your strengths and challenges you to build on areas that need growth. This is done through various sources: classifieds, community newspapers, cold calling (both in person and telephone), job websites, internet, networking. Employment Action consultants will make sure that the strategies created will maximize your potential of securing gainful employment while boosting your self confidence and self esteem.