Job Seekers


"I never would've imagined I'd be flexing my creative muscles in my job as Graphic Designer that I really enjoy. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like a healthy person. Thanks to all the great help from Employment Action." ~ DP

"Employment Action helped me to improve my English and land a position as a Personal Support Worker. I’m giving back and it feels good." ~ TN

"In the recent past I have wrestled with health, financial issues, homelessness and a strong desire to return to work. It wasn't easy and I put a lot of hard effort to be where I am right now and I'm very thankful that the Employment Action program and ACT were able to be my support and provide the push I needed. I now work as a freelance Interpreter/Translator and feel successful." ~ Samuel L.

"Recently arrived in Canada, Employment Action guided me to the education upgrade I needed, including a volunteer role to gain Canadian experience, and finally a paying position in an environment that fits my Accounting profession. Employment Action has put me on the path of a promising future and great benefits. Thank you, Employment Action." ~ Adrian C.

"The staff at Employment Action are very professional. They made me feel right from the first contact I had with them. I had a problem and they wanted to resolve it. I needed to feel that someone was going to manage that freakish return to work with me, someone that is going to think through the alternatives with me, someone who is going to help me come up with a plan. They were that someone. I now am happily employed as a community research coordinator." ~ BB