David Axelrad

David Axelrad is a Job Developer with Employment Action. He brings a background as an Employment Counsellor with formal training in Career and Work Counselling as well as extensive experience in working with people living with disabilities, foreign trained professionals and at-risk youth, all of whom he has successfully prepared for employment. Additionally, David’s former life as a freelance film and television editor for 15 years, coupled with solid private sector sales experience, has provided him with a unique combination of both compassion and practical “real world” know-how. This collection of skills has proven to be most effective in helping his clients re-enter the workforce and achieve their goals.

Philip Pettigrew

As a Job Developer with Employment Action, Philip assists job-ready clients strategize their job search, coaching them through job maintenance and building relationships with employers. With significant education and experience, Philip brings a genuine, caring and professional approach, valuing long lasting success for both client and employer. His education includes an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, international training in the arts and most recently a post-graduate Diploma in Career and Work Counselling. With numerous additional Career Counselling certifications and membership in several professional Career Counselling associations, Philip brings solid credentials and a commitment to staying current. Philip’s employment experience has spanned hospitality sector management, corporate new product development, retail management, the arts and self-employment. His proven ability to successfully thrive in diverse realms allows him to easily manoeuvre between the realities of diverse client needs and professional business acumen. With 20+ years of education and experience, Philip remains well-versed in balancing the interests of clients with the needs of employers.

Samantha Simpson

Samantha is an Employment Consultant with Employment Action. She assists clients with career counselling, and preparing them to enter the workforce. Samantha has a Bachelor's Degree in English and Human Resources, as well as a post-graduate certificate in Career Development. Her employment experience has allowed her to assist a wide range of clients, from individuals with physical disabilities to at-risk youth, in finding employment. With Samantha's education and employment background, she works closely with individuals and offers personalised support in ensuring they have a good job fit, and are provided with the resources they need to be successful.

Saif Ahmed

Saif Ahmed is an Employment Consultant with Employment Action. He brings substantial years of experience in the employment counselling field, within the corporate and not for profit sector to Employment Action, working with a diverse range of clientele from Healthcare, Legal, Administrative, Hospitality and Social Services occupations. This is further complimented by Saif’s strong academic background with a specialised major in psychology and 2 post graduate diplomas, one of which is in the Career Work Counselling field. He is currently in the process of obtaining his Registered Rehabilitation Professional Designation and is actively pursuing a Certified Human Resources Designation. Saif is an outstanding example of success in today’s highly competitive labour market by constantly striving to increase his career aptitude with ongoing professional development. His positive disposition is mirrored in his work with people living with permanent disabilities and he brings a human element in the gluttonous technological world we live in.